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Experienced and Affordable Movers for Edmond, OK

Affordable Movers in Edmond, OK

 Moving Companies Near Me in Edmond, OK
Getting ready to move into a new home, apartment, or office? Feeling the stress and pressure of packing in time to move and unpacking once you move? Our movers have the skills, tools, and training to make your next move a stress free experience. With Serenity Moving Services, settling into your new place doesn’t have to be a disruption to everyday life!

Don’t Mind Moving But Hate Packing?
Are your family and friends eager to pitch in and help you load and unload your items—but you dread packing and unpacking? Don’t pack!

Rather, pack up a suitcase or two of valuables and essentials for you, your spouse, kids, and pets and let us do the rest. We bring the boxes, label what room it goes to in your new space, and include an internal inventory list.

  • We have specialty boxes to pack fragile items such as your electronics, stemware, dishes, and art.
  • We bring all the essentials—tape, bubble wrap, foam, paper, mattress protectors, dividers, and more.
  •  We pack and unpack, following your directions as to where things go in your new location.

Or ask for Full-Service Moving and we will handle it all!
The search is over! No need to continue Googling for moving companies near me in Edmond as we have you covered. We invite you to browse our full services below and reach out for your FREE online quote today.

Loading & Unloading - Packing & Unpacking - Full-Service

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Affordable Moving Companies in Edmond, OK

Protecting Your Property

What makes us stand out among affordable moving companies is our commitment to keeping your belongings intact throughout the move. We take special care to make sure that each item we transfer between properties receives the careful touch it deserves. Our professionals also work hard to avoid dings and scrapes in both the old and new locations, leaving you ready for your next steps once the project is complete. See us in action by scheduling your move with our team today.

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