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1. How Long Does It Take to Move an Average-Sized Household?

When it’s time to move, one thing that always seems in short supply is time. Especially if you have a set date by which you have to be out of your current residence, you’ll likely start the feel the pressure mounting as the day approaches and want to know what the average time to move in Norman, OK, is.

Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a larger home, the stress of scrambling to pack your belongings, forward your mailing address, cancel current utilities and cable service while setting up these services at the new address, and so much more can feel overwhelming. So you may ask yourself, what is the ideal amount of time I should allow to ensure that moving goes as smoothly as possible?

It’s a tough question, and the answer will vary from person to person and household to household. But, to get a clear idea of the average time to move in Norman, OK, you first need to answer several questions. Have you already found your new home? Finding the right spot for you can take a few days or up to a few weeks. Have the rental agreements or real estate closing documents been signed? If you’re buying, the transaction process can take up to 45 days.

Finally, you have to ask yourself: do I want to pack and haul all this stuff myself? For many people, packing an average-sized house takes between 3 and 6 days. Even if you are more organized and motivated than most people, a professional moving company can speed up the process. At Serenity Moving Services, we help customers plan and execute their move with our packing, loading, unloading, and other services. To reduce your stress and get into your new place more quickly, our professional moving services are the solution for you. 

2. What Is the Most Important Step in Moving?

The list of things you need to consider when you’re moving is long and will vary according to your circumstances. Are you moving so far away that you’ll need to find new employment? How good are the schools in the neighborhoods you are looking at? Is your first choice in a new home more costly than your second choice, and does it have advantages to justify the extra expense?

 This is where moving planning in Norman, OK, comes in handy. As you rack your brain with these and other considerations, you may be fast approaching your move-out date. You’ll need to think quickly and clearly and make some very important decisions. Once you’ve made up your mind on your new home, the next step is to start the moving process.

 Probably the most important step in setting yourself up for a successful move is making a plan and getting organized. For many people, packing up the house can be a disorderly scramble, and things can break in the hustle.

 Many people realize right away the benefits of hiring a professional moving company. At Serenity Moving Services, we specialize in moving planning in Norman, OK. Our professionals pack and transport household items and personal belongings quickly, efficiently, and carefully. With professional movers, your moving day can be a more relaxed, smooth experience.